A Checklist For Your First Appointment

Dog in sunglasses


  • Leave extra people at home. We have a maximum capacity of two people per pet. We are striving to create a calm, quiet environment for your pet so they can have a positive first experience here. As much as we love to teach and explain what we do, bringing the neighbor’s kids because they want to watch is not going to help your pet relax.
  • If your pet takes calming supplements, pain medication, Rescue Remedy etc. before “regular” vet visits, please do the same when you come to see us. Again, we want the best possible experience for them, and comfort and stress reduction is key.
  • Bring your dog’s muzzle if they sometimes have to wear one. We will do our best to not need it, but better to have it, right?
  • Bring a picture of the label of your pet’s food, or the container itself if it’s not too cumbersome, and bring the supplements and meds you are presently using or photos of the labels, front and back. We need to see the ingredients and dosing.
  • Let your dog walk around outside and decompress before you come in, especially if they’ve been alone all day while you were at work or if the car ride was long. They will need to relieve themselves and take a breath. We have extra poop bags if you don’t have yours and there’s a small garbage can right at the front door to make “deposits.” If you have a dog who needs their bladder expressed or has incontinence issues, please do take the time to make sure their needs are taken care of before you come in.
  • For busy dogs, if you have Kongs stuffed with food or licky mats or a favorite treat that keeps them happy, please bring it. These things can make a huge difference in keeping them happy and still for treatment.
  • Feel free to take pictures and videos of your pet’s treatment while you are here for the folks back home.


  • DON’T bring a credit card. We take cash and checks only.

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